It’s a Good Time to Sell if You Can Get Rid of Problem Tenants

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It’s really not fun dealing with tenant issues… being a landlord is hard. And sometimes it’s even more complex because the tenant is a friend or relative. Sticky.

A little lady with a mobile home on land was finally doing well after her husband died. Then her adult son moved in with her to ‘help’. Long story short, now she has moved out of her own home and is living with a man friend because her son is doing drugs, yells at her and is starting to get physical… she’s scared.

She doesn’t want to press charges or kick him out, but it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be able to pay his mother any rent to cover the mortgage (the owner carry, seller financing private mortgage I just helped arrange for her), so she is at risk of losing her home along with about $75K of equity… sad.

This is an example of a situation where a weary landlord might just want to sell their house quickly for cash and let someone else pay the legal fees and deal with the drama of evicting a bad tenant, and then do all the repairs required in the aftermath. It’s not uncommon for angry tenants to do a lot of damage on the way out.

If you own a property, a rental, that has become more of a headache than anything else, reach out and give us a call. We’ll help you brainstorm your options and if you decide to sell, we’d love to make you a fair cash offer.

And… like some of our other landlords who really like the idea of monthly income, you can ‘become the bank’ and defer capital gains and make 10x what a savings account will pay you. Your property can still provide income for your retirement. Contact us to find out how.

And by the way… Carson City is so beautiful right now!! Be sure to unplug from the stresses of life and get outside. Remember there is still so much joy and beauty to be had, even when things seem crazy.

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