Nevada House Seller to Make an Extra $481,000

This Gardnerville home seller gets it. He listed For Sale By Owner (FSBO) on Craigslist and is offering owner seller financing. If he sells for his listing price of $645,000 and ‘carries the paper’ like he’s offering to do, he’ll make over $1,100,000. Of course most people want cash, and that’s perfect, and we can … Continued

Carson City NV Real Estate Market Starting to Crack

Prices are headed down, growth is in negative territory, Days on Market, DOM is on the rise and prices reductions are much more frequent, proving that the market is starting to trend downwards. The only reason prices haven’t fallen that much yet, despite high mortgage rates, is because inventory is still very low. As soon … Continued

Dayton NV Vacant House Gets Squatter Surprise

It’s hard enough to preserve the value of a vacant house, and one reason is that there is always the possibility that unwelcome tenants may want to rent your property for free without you knowing about it. Squatters can greatly increase the time to closing, the amount of repairs that will need to be done, … Continued

Can I Sell My Carson City House Without Doing Repairs?

According to the Wall Street Journal, home buyers are less likely to make an offer on a house that needs a lot of fix up. House prices are high, mortgage prices are high, the last thing buyers want is to borrow expensive money to pay a contractor, and hope that the economy or the market … Continued

Sell Fast, Help a Family

John had an aggressive cancer that was quickly overtaking his neck and head area, and he knew he only had a few days to put his affairs in order. I’ve never seen anything like that in all my years in nursing. Thank goodness my RN background made me comfortable sitting in front of John as … Continued

6 Owner Financing Tips For Sellers In Carson City

If you’re thinking of selling your house using owner financing, make sure you read this blog post to learn the 6 owner financing tips for sellers in Carson City… There are many ways to sell your house. You could list it on the market and see what sellers will pay. You could work with a … Continued

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